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Procurement Education - Supply Chain Education - Mba - E-Mba - Executive programmes - Seminars
The Purspective Training Portfolio makes a clear distinction between training programmes and workshop programmes.
Workshops focus on improving business processes & own best practice development. Training programmes focus
on individual competency development. Below links guide you to the 3 clusters/levels of available educations.

1. Fundamental Skills:
    Through this programme, you will enhance technical and purchasing skills.
    Programmes are intended for you if you are relatively new in Purchasing
    or Sourcing, recognize the huge challenges on the supply market and
    are eager to win the competitive battle for your organization.

2. Core Skills:
    Through these programmes, you will accelerate the development of your
    purchasing and negotiation skills. Programmes focus on specific content
    and skills areas relevant if you are involved in Purchasing & Sourcing.

3. Advanced Skills:
    Through these programmes, you will increase the leveraging potential of
    your professional expertise. Programmes are intended for you if you have
    demonstrated purchasing expertise and have responsibilities for bringing
    a project to success by working effectively with others.

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