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Procurement Education - Supply Chain Education - Mba - E-Mba - Executive programmes - Seminars
The European Business University (EBS) has several own MBA programmes and also has co-operations together with other universities for specific MBA educations. Together with the Graduate school of Business Administration (GSBA) from the Moscow State University (MSU) they offer an "MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management". The below links will guide you to their educational programmes.

The MBA and E-MBA programmes from the European Business University:

GSBA & EBS: "MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management",
in cooperation with Russian MSU (RU / DE)
    The Graduate School of Business Administration (GSBA) of Lomonosov
    Moscow State University (MSU) prepares highly skilled and strategically
    thinking managers capable to assume responsibility for taking decisions
    in conditions of uncertainty and risk, and thus contributing to the
    construction of business in Russia.

2. DBS en EBS Executive MBA in General Management (UK / DE)
    Two very famous Business Schools, Durham Business School (DBS)
    from the UK, and European Business School (EBS) from Germany,
    have combined their strengths and their long-term experiences in
    executive development to provide you with an exciting, outstanding
    programme: the DBS & EBS Executive MBA.

Executive Master of Science MSc in Business innovation (DE)
    Designed for experienced and globally-oriented professionals,
    RSM Executive MBA will prepare you for senior management
    challenges and responsibilities via an intense and international
    professional development experience.

* Or visit the index page from the website of
EBS for general information