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Hereunder you can find an overview of master classes for business leaders from The Chartered Institute of Purchasing
and Supply (CIPS), UK. The below links will guide you chronologically through the CIPS programmes in 2014.

The Master Classes from CIPS in 2014:

Executive Influencing Strategies MasterClass
Using emotional intelligence to gain competitive advantage
Tuesday 18 March 2014, The Rubens at the Palace Hotel,  London

Designed to stimulate personal growth and capability around influencing strategies,
whether it be internal or external to the organisation.  This MasterClass provides a
comprehensive overview of powerful behavioural tools that are regularly used by
some of the most successful business people in the UK.
"The best event I have ever attended is without doubt the CIPS Executive
influencing strategies MasterClass" Belinda Prince, Cancer Research UK

Increase the influence of Procurement MasterClass
Giving procurement more influence in your organisation

Thursday 27 March 2014, The Rubens at the Palace Hotel, London

Many procurement groups find it a tough battle to get their voice heard within
their organisations. They are often involved too late, or even not at all. 
Companies still have a rather out-dated view of what procurement can do,
and can see the function at best, as administrators and at worst, as
obstructive and bureaucratic.
This MasterClass will give you the tools, techniques and insights on how to
change that perspective, and to start being the real business partner that
procurement can be.

Principles and framework for procuring sustainably MasterClass
Lead your business into a new era of sustainable procurement

Thursday 14 May 2014, The Rubens at the Palace Hotel, London

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